Creative show and event concepts

Today, the factor of entertainment is growing more important in entertainment shows and events. For providing successful and lasting entertainment you require high quality ideas and concepts.

We at Youstunt Concepts GmbH create innovative and creative entertainment concepts of all kinds and for every occasion. Whether for live shows, special events or other attractions, we develop an individual concept tailored to your requirements.

Youstunt Concepts GmbH gives you the chance to develop a unique, individual and future-oriented show concept and have it performed by an experienced entertainment team. Take this exclusive opportunity to present your guests or visitors with a brand new and unique entertainment attraction.

Whether theme-based live show or freely staged entertainment/street entertainment our innovative concepts and ideas guarantee a lot of fun, action and comedy. We offer you a wide program for all target groups: Energetic show stunts for adults and children, for laughter, amazement and to join in with, too.

We create an individual show or event concept tailored explicitly to your needs. With attention to detail we consider your wishes about theme, target group and location. To provide lasting entertainment, the Youstunt Concepts GmbH team structures all information in coordination with you and combines it with their know how, years of experience as well as their creativity and limitless ideas.

Beginning with the idea Youstunt Concepts GmbH accompanies you with professional assistance on your way to the completed show highlight.


Imagining a show concept, with all the various elements such as lighting effects, music, smoke, fire and much more, isn't the easiest of tasks - especially during the planning phase. Youstunt Concepts GmbH therefore starts on the visualization very early during the concept planning. Initially with rough storyboards, and then later on with extensive computer animations, especially for large-scale productions which require special scenery constructions as shown in the example.

So you, the customer are in the picture literally right from the beginning.